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Each of the following examples comprises a simple set of webpages. These also have a JavaScript based style-switcher which allows a variety of CSS style-sheets to be viewed.
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What can DandyWebDesign do for you?

Setting up your own website can be a daunting task.

You will find many websites out there like this one which explain how to do this but in nearly all cases the authors have many years of experience and know the pit-falls, to someone who is new to this or just not technically minded then it can be prohibitively difficult to even know where to begin.

There is nothing to stop you from acquiring the relevant software and learning all of the skills for yourself, after all everything you need is open source. But this will take a while, (perhaps even years unless you already have a programming background), and if you want a website now then you have little choice but to engage the help of someone who already has these skills, DandyWebDesign for example.

There are a great many companies out there who will put a website together for you and get it up on the 'net where the whole world can see it, but in most cases this is an expensive undertaking.

Enter DandyWebDesign... not a company or commercial enterprise but at the same time rather more than a simple hobby.

There are a variety of simple website examples within this website, each viewable under an even wider range of styles. Any of these examples could easily be modified to suit your needs, and there are no limits. Nothing is impossible, any and all design requests will be entertained, if you have an idea, and wish to implement it, why not with us.

There is still room within the DanyWebDesign portfolio for a wider range of designs, will the next one be yours?

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