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Web Applications


So far this website has covered web-servers, website design, webpage coding, JS and DHTML and CGI scripting in some detail giving you everything that you will need to write efficient and maintainable standards based websites.

The time has now come to put all of these ideas into practice.

Our previous application example; 'Temperature Converter' was necessarily a simple one and served only as a 'vehicle' to drive the new ideas being shown. However using the exact same ideas and principles we can go on to develop far more sophisticated and useful applications.

Below are a number of working applications. In most cases there are detailed accompanying notes, source code views and the many of the programs are available for your own use, after all another key design factor is portability.

Some of the programs are 'related', that is to say that they share similar core features, one program will often serve as the foundation for the next one. All of the programs use the basic framework and methods outlined in all of the previous examples.

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