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Apache Web Server - win32

Apache is a web server. This is a program that runs in the background on a web-server (or your PC) and listens out for HTTP requests from browsers. When it gets a request it retrieves the requested page from wherever it is stored and returns it to the browser via the HTTP protocol.

Apache is a fairly sophisticated application, this is not the place for a detailed explanation of its configuration, suffice it to say that you can direct the configuration to specific directories on your PC and these will be 'served' as your website. There are many websites out there that deal specifically with Apache and its usage and configuration. Probably the very best one can be found at »http://www.apache.org

There are also a number of other useful features and functionalities that come with running Apache:

Apache is freely downloadable from »http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi

The latest version is 2.0.52, however you may prefer a slightly older but stable and well supported for win32 version 1.3.33 (Not that there is anything wrong with 2.0!)

To run it under Windows you will need to locate the Win32 Binary (Self extracting): apache_1.3.33-win32-x86-no_src.exe This is a 4.91Mb download and installs using the Microsoft Installer that comes with Windows. Once the file has downloaded double click it and the rest should be plain sailing.

See 'Win32 Apache Installation and Configuration Guide' for details on how to get your Apache up and running.

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